I volunteer for SHINE because: I believe in the right of a child to be protected and to grow up in an environment that is safe and nurturing. Prisons are intimating even for adults. I believe in the work of SHINE to bring some normality for kids in such an environment and it’s my pleasure and honour to be a part of that.

The most rewarding moment: It was my first shift and I didn’t know what to expect but when watching a prisoner come out to see their family, and their child running up to them for an embrace was extremely moving.

I haven’t been faced with a difficult situation as yet. All the children I have interacted with have been beautifully natured and willing to interact, share and involve us in their play.

The most challenging time: When I did a shift by myself that was only my second. I didn’t know what to expect but the day was well paced and it was a joy to have spent Mothers Day with these special children.

I like helping others because: God has blessed me with so much and I feel that it’s important for us to share what we have been given with others who are perhaps not so fortunate.