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“I tell him RISE is coming to school today and he is happy to go”: Little boy thrives with RISE

Our RISE Clarence Coordinator has been connecting with incredibly resilient children and their families across the Clarence Valley.

One of these students is Adam*, who is 9 years old.

Adam was referred to the RISE program by his mother who connected with SHINE for Kids in the Clarence Correctional Centre where she is incarcerated.

She was keen to get her son some extra support while she wasn’t able to be with him.

Our RISE team soon arranged to meet with Adam and his grandmother Linda* who were still adjusting to their new living arrangement.

Adam had moved in with Linda when his mother was arrested and almost overnight his life was completely changed.

Adam moved homes and schools and was without his mother for the first time in his life.

Linda too had big changes – she was now the full-time carer of a 9-year-old child with complex emotional needs.

During their first meeting with us, Linda explained that she had been unable to find any available support for grandparents in her position and she was very grateful that we had contacted her.

During the term, Adam and his RISE coordinator built a rapport and they both look forward to the sessions.

Linda told us that most days she really struggles in the mornings to get Adam ready for school but on his RISE days, “I tell him RISE is coming to school today and he gets ready and is happy to go”.

Linda told us there has been a reduction in Adam’s absences from school since he has been with the RISE program.

Increasing school attendance is so important in helping vulnerable children engage and re-engage in their education so this is a wonderful step in the right direction for Adam. 

Adam’s classroom teacher had also told us that creating friendships was difficult for Adam and this may be due to his lacking confidence.

As a result, all of Adam’s RISE sessions have focused on building his self-confidence and sharing and understanding his emotions so that he can better form friendships with his peers.

As he’s grown in confidence, we have seen him take steps to form friendships, vital to children’s wellbeing.

Adam is now writing a book as part of his RISE sessions about going on a fishing trip together with three school friends.

He developed the story with an introduction, complication and resolution and is now busily illustrating his lovely story.

We’re so proud of everything Adam has achieved to date (as is his mum!) and look forward to watching him continue to grow and learn during this very hard time in his life.

*Names changed

Please donate to support kids like Adam.

Thank you to Thyne Reid Foundation and The Raymond E Purves Foundation for funding Clarence RISE.

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“I tell him RISE is coming to school today and he is happy to go”: Little boy thrives with RISE

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