RISE Education Program

Primary school students with a parent in prison can access vital support that encourages their learning and development through our RISE education mentoring program.

Having a parent in prison can be an especially troubling time for children, often making it difficult for them to settle and focus at school.

They may have to move house, change schools and make new friends or find going to school too much because of bullying or being unable to keep up with the schoolwork.

With our program, students are supported by a trained mentor academically, socially and culturally. Once a week, the student gets tailored one-on-one support in the classroom for 12 months.

This program is designed to help students re-engage with school by increasing a student’s school attendance and educational outcomes and decreasing anti-social behaviour and school suspensions.

Who is it for?

School-age children with a parent in custody. Teachers, parents or caseworkers may refer a student.

RISE Together Days

Held during school holidays, we also arrange group activities with children in the program, such as visiting the local zoo, going camping or meeting in the park.

While it’s an opportunity for the kids to make new friends and have fun, it’s also a great way for them to feel less isolated when they meet other kids with similar problems.

Refer a child

Email us at [email protected] if you’d like to find out more and refer a child.