Bringing Up Great Kids

Bringing Up Great Kids is an evidence-based parenting program that gives mums and dads the tools to connect with their children and build positive, healthy relationships.

What’s involved?

This structured course is delivered weekly with modules covering children’s brain development, emotional development, communication techniques, and understanding children’s behaviour.

Parents are supported to reflect on their childhood and what has influenced their parenting, and are guided through the modules by a skilled facilitator.

Why is this program needed?

This program was developed by the Australian Childhood Foundation to help parents connect with their children. It is beneficial for families who have had a disruption to the critical child/parent bond, which happens when a mum or dad is taken into custody.

Children with a mum or dad in custody can experience isolation, emotional distress, and disconnection from their family.

Who is eligible?

Mums and dads in custody as well as mums and dads in the community who have a family member in custody are eligible for this program. Please visit to find the current locations this program is offered.

How do I sign up or refer someone?

If you are a parent in the community with a partner/family member in custody and would like to take this course, please email us at

If you are a parent in custody or would like to refer a parent in custody, please contact your local SHINE for Kids staff member or Programs Officer. You can also email us at

Download the flyer – Dads

Download the flyer – Mums