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Love at first sight for dad meeting newborn daughter

Our team in Queensland have been supporting this dad to connect with his newborn daughter.

As he says, the support has completely changed his family’s life.

Thank you to this father for his incredibly kind message, we are so moved.

In his own words, this is his story:

“I would love to extend my thanks and gratitude to SHINE for Kids, in particular Cilla and Jess, for their kind help, guidance and overall effort they have put into helping me gain contact visits with my newborn daughter Layla*.

Both my partner and myself were incarcerated a very short time before Layla’s birth, a time I consider to be the worst of my life.

I had no contact with my partner other than internal mail and not being able to support and be present for both her and my child was frustrating, especially during the most important stages of development for Layla.

A time at which parental bonds are forged.

Layla is now six months old and I am fortunate to have one-hour visits fortnightly, thanks to Cilla and Jess.

I can’t explain well enough in words just how much appreciation I have for all that they have done.

If it wasn’t for SHINE for Kids, I wouldn’t be fortunate enough to have the connection I now enjoy with my daughter while I’ve been incarcerated.

Having made this important connection with Layla has helped my mental health and I honestly don’t know where I’d be mentally if it wasn’t for the relationship I’ve now forged and the fortnightly visits I look forward to with much excitement.

I would not be the model prisoner I am today, I have been behaving myself because I have the opportunity to connect with Layla, also giving me the chance to be an involved and present father.

Thanks to SHINE for Kids, I now have a great relationship with my daughter and with their ongoing support and parenting advice, I know I can continue to be a great father once released.

There is a great deal of interest from fathers in my unit who would also benefit from the help and support I have been afforded.

I believe it would make a tremendous impact in a positive way to help others forge, rekindle or continue building relationships with their children.

I am a changed man because of SHINE for Kids’ help and my future looks much brighter and positive, a complete change from my previous situation.

Thank you SHINE for Kids!

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Love at first sight for dad meeting newborn daughter

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