Stand As One

Stand As One is a mentoring program for young people in the youth justice system that supports them emotionally and practically to transition back into the community and rebuild their lives.

What’s involved?

A young person is matched with a dedicated and trained mentor who supports them while they are in custody and with their transition back into the community. The mentor and young person meet regularly, fostering stability and trust.

Young people are supported to build resilience, motivation, and a positive outlook by talking with their mentor about their expectations,
goals, and family relationships.

The young person also gets support with practical life skills like enrolling in education and training, getting a Medicare card, and looking for work and housing for when they are released.

Why is this program needed?

Many young people in the youth justice system have experienced severe disadvantage and trauma and have little or no support before, during and post-incarceration. This can lead to social isolation and a cycle of reoffending.

A whole of community approach is needed to provide positive role models to counterbalance a lifetime of risk factors.  A mentor gives young people the level of support needed to prepare for release, rebuild their lives and reduce their risk of reoffending.

Who is eligible?

Young people in the youth justice system who are preparing for release back into the community.

How do I refer someone?

Please email us at to find out how to refer a young person for this program.

Download the flyer.