Stand As One

This program helps young people in the juvenile justice system rebuild their life when they leave the Centre.

Four to six months before release each young person is matched with one of our adult mentors to help prepare them for living in the community. The young person gets support with practical life skills such as getting a Medicare card, finding a house to live in, or looking for work. They also get to talk with their mentor about their expectations, goals, family relationships and how to manage in the community. The program continues for another six to eight months once they leave the Centre.

The program aims to reduce the risk of reoffending. We know that young people in the juvenile justice system who have experienced a parent in prison are at a higher risk of imprisonment in the adult justice system themselves. A mentor gives the young person the level of support needed to help them establish themselves in the community.

Through this youth justice mentoring program, we have been matching young people with adult mentors since 2010, successfully transitioning them from juvenile justice back into the system and breaking the cycle of reoffending.

Who is it for?

Young people in the juvenile justice system aged 16-21.

Where is it?

Frank Baxter Centre Juvenile Justice Centre, Kariong