SFK Mentoring Program

SFK Mentoring is a mentoring program designed for young people aged 12-21 years who have or have had a parent in custody.

A trained mentor works consistently with a young person to help build their self-confidence, identity, and sense of belonging and assist them in achieving their goals.

 The young person and their mentor take part in a 12-month program of structured activities.

These activities include regular fortnightly mentoring sessions and monthly group activities with others in the program held in the local community.

Why is this program needed?

When a young person has a parent in custody, they often experience disadvantage, stigma, and trauma and are at a higher risk of leaving their education and being incarcerated themselves.

Having a consistent and positive adult role model helps young people to develop the motivation, life skills and resilience they need to build better futures for themselves and their communities.

Who is it for?

 This program is place-based and is delivered to young people in the critical age group of 12–21 who reside in communities in: Western Sydney in NSW, Frankston in VIC, and Townsville in QLD.

How do I refer a young person for support?

Fill out our Mentoring Referral Form or email us at

Download the flyer.