Children & Families

SHINE for Kids supports children, parents and families affected by the criminal justice system. When a loved one is in custody, it can lead
to feelings of isolation and place stress on a family.

At SHINE, we walk beside families every step of the way to help them stay connected with their loved one and feel supported and strong.

We keep kids connected

Keeping kids connected with mum or dad in custody is so important for their wellbeing. We help children maintain and build on this important bond with their parent through a number of programs:

  • Child Friendly Visits
  • Supervised Contact
  • Ride By Your Side
  • Storytime
  • Child and Parent Days

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We support the whole family

Family Support

This program supports families every step of the way when their loved one is in prison by helping them set and reach their goals. We link families with SHINE programs as well as external services and provide regular home visits, support and phone calls to check in on how they are going.

Food Assistance

We provide regular food hampers to families to help put food on their tables.

Belonging to Family

Belonging to Family is a culturally appropriate Aboriginal through care program designed for Aboriginal families with loved ones in prison. It supports the transition through the pre/post-release period and works with kids and the wider family unit to strengthen relationships in preparation for loved ones returning home.

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We help kids at school

Our RISE Education program for primary-school aged children matches an independent adult mentor with kids to support them in the classroom through weekly hour long one-on-one sessions. This program helps students positively engage with their education so that they can thrive at school.

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In custody parent programs

SHINE For Kids also delivers a range of evidence based programs to parents in custody. These programs provide parents in prison the opportunity to develop their confidence in building healthy, positive relationships with their children. Keeping Us Together (KUT), Keeping Us Strong (KUS), Storytime and Rhythm to Recovery (R2R) are currently available.

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Where you can find us

We operate at 32 Correctional Centres across Australia in NSW, Queensland, ACT and Victoria.

You will find that some programs are offered only at some of our centres or in some states. Contact us to find out if we offer a program you are interested in by calling 02 9714 3000 or email us at

Find out if we operate near you or at the Correctional Centre your loved one is at

Child and Family Centres

Our Child and Family Centres are located at the prisons where we operate, usually near the car park. They are a welcoming space for families to drop in when visiting loved ones in prison.

Our Centres are comfortable child friendly places where kids can play or take part in activities with our Child and Family Coordinators. Parents can enjoy a cuppa, change a nappy and take a moment to relax before or after a visit.

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