Belonging To Family

This program is about strengthening connections between a parent in prison and their family and community to help re-establish themselves after release.

It is specifically for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander parents with 6 to 12 months to serve on their sentence.

Over several weeks, the program uses group work led by our expert facilitators to strengthen the connections between the parent in prison and their partners, their children, their children’s carer, their extended family and their community Elders.

These meetings are held both with the parent in prison and with the family and children out in the community.

This throughcare program aims to reduce recidivism by giving the parent in prison a closer bond with their children, healthier family relationships, and support during and after release.

Post-release support is also provided to families by linking them with other available services such as medical, psychological and financial support.

The program has three components:
– Adult group work
– Cultural renewal activities
– Children’s group work

Who is it for?

Parents in prison with an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander background, their partners and children.

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