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Storytime giggles as dads get into character

Our Storytime program is incredibly popular.

Dads in custody love the chance to do something special for their children, and the children cherish the story books and recordings, often tucking them under a pillow at night or taking them to preschool or school to share with their friends.

What makes Storytime so heartwarming is the connection.

Young children can learn to recognise their missing parent’s voice, making it easier when their dad returns home, and older children have a reminder that their dad loves them and can still be a part of their life.

SHINE for Kids was recently invited to deliver Storytime to nine dads as part of the Metropolitan Remand and Reception Centre’s Mini DAAD course.

Our team said that while every dad did a great job and put a lot of thought into their book choice and recording, one dad, Ian*, stood out for his impressive ‘squeaky squirrel’ voice!

Ian* was so excited to create a hilarious recording that would make his four-year-old son and two-year-old daughter laugh. Reading the book was joyful for everyone involved!

Ian told our team that the next time he gets the chance to do Storytime, he’d like to create his own book for his children. His commitment to taking every chance to bond with his children is touching.

Another dad told us how much it meant for him to be able to connect with his daughter in a way she’ll appreciate, saying, “[It is] great that I get to record a book for my daughter. She absolutely loves chapter books.”

Ian’s children are sure to giggle when they get his recording, and we love to think of the smiles on the faces of the 17 children who have received their special recordings in the mail.

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*Images and names are changed to protect participant identities. 

Storytime giggles as dads get into character

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