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Kids say our Rise Together Days are the best!

Children with a parent in custody too often feel isolated. Embarrassed or worried about talking about what they are going through, children will often withdraw from their school friends and communities.

This can often cause them to miss socialising opportunities, severely affecting well-being and leading to further isolation, a cycle that, at its worst, means they miss out on some fundamental parts of being a child, playing with others and having fun!

They also risk missing chances to test and learn social and interpersonal skills, so crucial in helping build happy and fulfilling lives.

That’s when our Rise Together Days step in.

Children can make new friends with other children who also have a parent in custody, socialise, and enjoy themselves, free from worry about stigma and in a supportive environment.

Children from the Rise Program from different schools come together for several days of structured (and super fun!) activities, all under our team’s supervision and with their guidance.

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Making friends with other children in the same situation that they are in and supporting each other to try new experiences can significantly positively affect their self-esteem!

It also means that when they return to school, they have a new confidence, and we’ll often see improved relationships with peers in the classroom after these events.

One team member heard some of the older children (who have become the best of friends throughout these days!) opening up to each other about their parent in custody and sharing support and their own stories.

They’ll also return to school after the holidays with many fun experiences to discuss!

Movie outings, mini-golf, laser tag, zoo trips, and bowling all make for one action-packed holiday. Tightened budgets at home while a parent is incarcerated often mean activities like these are not possible, and their parents express how grateful they are that we can help them have these experiences.

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Our teams express such joy that these special days are not only beneficial for the children’s well-being but also an excellent way to congratulate them on a term of good work at school and make them feel special. They deserve it!

Please, if you can, support our Rise program and help change futures. Every bit counts.

Rise is supported by Raymond E Purves Foundation, Anglicare Victoria, Department of Social Services, The Benevolent Society, NIAA, Waratah Foundation and FICAP, and The Benevolent Society. 


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Kids say our Rise Together Days are the best!

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