Giving children of prisoners a voice

As well as the practical day-to-day assistance we provide to children and their families, we are also committed to improving community awareness and knowledge of issues that affect children and famillies dealing with incarceration.

Research and Advocacy provides the opportunity to share SHINE for Kids’ knowledge, experience and expertise of working with children and families of prisoners with the sector and community, enabling best practice and the reduction of stigma and isolation faced by these children and families.

This takes a number of forms:

  • Research projects that record the challenges and needs facing the children of prisoners
  • Advocacy on behalf of children and families of prisoners
  • Community education to raise awareness of the issues that face children and families of prisoners
  • Providing solutions to ensure that children of prisoners are not disadvantaged
  • Informing and engaging with policy makers
  • Developing resources which support children and families of prisoners.



Media appearances 

Advocacy for children of prisoners is not limited to the child welfare or criminal justice sectors. We’ve also spoken out on television and radio about what we do and why we do it.