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Proud day for family and their SHINE For Kids volunteer

One of our wonderful long time volunteers Dennis recently reached out to us to pass on some lovely news.

He and his wife had just attended the graduation of a young woman who he had supported, along with her two siblings, from when they were children for six years through SHINE for Kids.

During his time working with this young family, he transported them to and from many different Correctional Centres to visit their mum in custody and also provided support as an independent mentor.

Attending the graduation was a very proud moment for Dennis and a reminder to all of the SHINE for Kids team of the great things we do and the positive impact some support during a difficult time can have.

Dennis kindly agreed to share his email to us with you:

Hi Julianne.

I passed on your best wishes to Melody*.

Her mother, father, sister Sara*, brother George* and boyfriend (a lovely young man) were all there for her graduation at Sydney University.

She has a really good job, a Bachelor’s Degree and is looking to do more study.

George* has a lovely young girlfriend who is studying at a nearby university and Sara* has a good job as well as being a supervisor.

Now a confident young woman. George, as cheeky as ever is taking a gap year or two.

Great kids and a happy ending to the story.

So proud.



*Some names have been changed


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Proud day for family and their SHINE For Kids volunteer

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