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Mentees make us proud in joyful celebration

“I have always hoped and prayed my son would connect to his Culture through dance.”

Five of the young people from our Stand As One mentoring program recently took part in a special event at Frank Baxter Youth Justice Centre, The Girrakool Cultural Cup!

The Cup is a celebration of Culture through performance and sport organised by the on-site Girrakool School, and student leaders were instrumental in planning the day.

In the lead-up to the event it was great to see our SHINE for Kids Stand as One mentors and Frank Baxter staff help the young men practice and prepare for their performances.

The day was a great chance for students, staff and members of the local community to come together and celebrate Culture.

Executive Director Paul O’Reilly and Vice President of the AECG Maurice Goolagong attended and supported the day along with other community guests.

We’re so proud of our young people who took part in the cultural performances and sporting activities on the day and showed the utmost respect the entire time.

SHINE for Kids staff member Tanya said that it was “wonderful to see the sense of Cultural pride in the young men who performed traditional Aboriginal and Pacific Islander dances in front of the Elders, peers, staff and dignitaries in attendance.

“The young men looked very impressive in their ceremonial dance costumes. The atmosphere was palpable with the soulful sound of the digeridoo and vibrant Indigenous music reverberating through the gym.

“The young people conveyed stories about the land, animals, Dreamtime, and Aboriginal Culture through their captivating performances.”

When Tanya called one mother who was unable to attend to tell her all about the day and her son’s participation, she said the mother was “crying with joy”.

The mother said, “I have always hoped and prayed my son would connect to his Culture through dance, but he never would when he was with me”.

Reflecting on the growth in confidence and pride the young people we support have shown, Tanya said it’s been “lovely to watch” and we’re so pleased to see everyone coming together in this way.

Thank you to Gilbert + Tobin for supporting the Stand As One program.

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Mentees make us proud in joyful celebration

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