Ride By Your Side

This program is designed to help children stay connected with their mum or dad in prison when there is no other way to keep in contact. As part of the program, a mentor provides the much-needed support during the visit.

We match the child or family with one of our trained volunteers based on interest, age, location and availability. The volunteer drives them to visit their mum or dad in custody once a month. They also act as a mentor to the child/ren – encouraging a positive outlook and giving them a safe environment to express their feelings and talk about their challenges and problems.

The children and volunteer mentor also get to enjoy social outings and other activities together as part of the program. These activities are based on the child or young person’s needs and interests. Having a support person by their side may give the child or young person the confidence to try a new interest or develop an existing skill. It’s also a great opportunity for them to develop their communication skills by being able to talk openly and freely with a trusted adult who will listen in a non-judgemental way.

This 12-month program aims to maintain the bond between parent and child and make sure children have consistent adult support during a difficult time. If mum or dad is released before the 12 months is complete, the volunteer will continue fortnightly mentoring with the child or young person.

Who is it for?

Children and families needing free and easy transport and support to make visits to their loved ones in custody.