We raised $102,705 in just 24 hours!

We exceeded our Charidy goal!On 14 December 2016 at midday, our Charidy campaign went live for 24 hours. Like a telethon, our volunteers, staff, board members and corporate supporters called our existing donors and supporters and ask them to donate, informing them that for every dollar they gave, it would be matched with another three from our three marvellous benefactors: Cages Foundation, NSW Kids in Need Foundation, and our newest Patron, Helen Wiseman.

It was an exciting and energising 24 hours, not least because it was an all-or-nothing exercise: if we did not meet our donations goal of $25,000, all pledges would be annulled. During the afternoon, night and morning, we watched on tenterhooks as donations climbed steadily upwards … to exceed our threshold and – with the matching of the benefactors – to total an amazing $102,705!

Our sincerest thanks to all our volunteers, staff, the 218 donors and of course our three incredible benefactors. Your generosity will go a very long way to helping our most disadvantaged children have a much brighter 2017.