For children

If you have a mum or dad in prison, we are here to help. Find tips and ideas on this page to help you.

If you are doing a program with us, you should ALWAYS feel safe, respected and heard. Watch this video:

Getting ready to visit mum or dad (for little kids)

We know visiting mum or dad in prison can be strange, but this will help you get ready. Read this with your parent or carer.

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Getting ready to visit mum or dad (for older kids)

If you're getting ready to visit your mum or dad in prison for the first time, this can help you know what to expect.

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Ideas for staying in touch with mum or dad

Here are some tips for ways you can stay connected with mum or dad when they are in prison.

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The Sun Still Shines

This is a story about a little boy and his dad in prison who are always connected, even when apart.

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This is a story about a lion cub who has big feelings about his dad and a gorilla and ber who help him. It's for kids who don't live with mum or dad and are in out of home care.

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The Right to Be Me

This is about all the great things you can do and should be allowed to do when you're a kid.

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