Intensive Family Case Management

Ongoing, stable support is integral to the emotional wellbeing and personal growth of children with parents in prison. This program is part of our approach to reducing intergenerational offending.

Through this early-intervention program, children of prisoners develop:

– Self respect and that of others
– Integrity and the power of choice
– Self esteem and confidence
– Compassion and tolerance
– Awareness
– Motivation and self-discipline
– Responsibility

A family practice manager works with the families 3 months pre and 12 months post release on:
– Parent and relationship support
– Housing and accommodation
– Health and wellbeing
– Financial management and budgeting
– Employment

The program also includes a food relief program for families employing a woman exiting custody with transition to work experience.

Who is it for?

Families with a loved one in custody who require support.