Playgroup in custody

Supported Playgroup for young children and their parent in custody.

What is playgroup in custody?

Stay Together, Play Together is a playgroup for young children and their mum or dad in custody that provides high-quality play experiences to support the vital child-parent connection.

What’s involved?

Regular facilitated playgroups are held in child-friendly spaces in correctional centres to give mums and dads in custody the time, activities, resources, and support they need to strengthen their relationships with their children and build parenting skills. Play is largely self-directed, spontaneous, and fun! Everyplaygroup aims to help parents understand the significance oftheir role in their child’s early education.

Why is this program needed?

Children with a parent in custody don’t have access to quality playtime with their mum or dad in a safe and supported environment, leading to feelings of disconnection and affecting well-being. Parents in custody don’t have the resources and support that parents have in the community and may not know how to engage and interact with their children. This program, underpinned by the community playgroup principles, fosters connection and the important child-parent bond while also helping parents to be the best mum or dad they can be while in custody.

Who is eligible?

Children aged 0-5 and their mum or dad in custody.

How do I sign up or refer someone?

Please contact us via our website to find out more.

Parents in custody can contact their local SHINE for Kids staff member or Programs Officer.

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