SHINE for Kids join #RaiseTheAge NSW coalition

25th October, 2023

We are excited to join the campaign to raise the age of criminal responsibility in NSW. 

We are coming together with First Nations organisations, peak bodies, frontline services, workers, human rights advocates and legal experts because we not only understand the issues – we can build a better way. 

In NSW, kids as young as 10 can be arrested. The earlier children come into contact with the system the more likely it is that they have ongoing contact with the system. 

This contact is traumatic, and it doesn’t deliver safer communities. 

Children become teenagers, teens become young adults and adults become parents. All children deserve to flourish and thrive. 

The campaign in NSW is building significant momentum and we encourage you to be a part of that. Organisations and individual supporters can join us

SHINE for Kids join #RaiseTheAge NSW coalition

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