First dads to complete KUT celebrate at Acacia!

The first group of dads to attend Keeping Us Together (KUT) at Acacia have graduated!

The WA team celebrated the milestone by sharing a cake with participants as graduation certificates were handed out at their sixth and final session.

The day was full of emotions as we reflected on the past six weeks and how much growth we had seen in each dad. We are so proud of the dads and the input they have given in each session, showing us what they have learned and how they will put this into practice with their children.

Some dads are nearly ready for their parole and were stressed about getting everything together for it, hoping they will get to see their families soon.

The participants enjoyed the cake and thanked us for everything they learned in the course.

Some of the feedback we received from the dads included:

“(I’ll reflect on) the STOP, PAUSE and PLAY method and breathing techniques, and ask for help.”

“(I hope to have) skills to maintain and develop a relationship with my children and granny and become a loving father.”

“(I gained) a different understanding of how you manage your parenting.”

“(I want to) learn how to connect better with my boy.”

By The WA Team

First dads to complete KUT celebrate at Acacia!

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