Close the Gap Day 2022
Close the Gap Day 2022 was marked on the 17th March with the message ‘Transforming Power: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander-led Transformation, Gender Equality and Equity, Allyship.’
30% of children that @shineforkids supports are Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children. It is estimated that 20% of all Aboriginal children will experience parental incarceration in their lifetime.
I was one of those children. I know first-hand the health impact having a parent in prison has on children. We can’t talk about health equity in our country without acknowledging that jailing is failing and disproportionately harms Aboriginal children, families and communities.
– April Long, National Operations Manager SHINE
Having a family member in custody has been linked to lower life expectancy.
SHINE believes that ‘Everyone deserves the right to a healthy future and the opportunities this affords.’
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Close the Gap Day 2022

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