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What dads in custody say about Storytime

Our Storytime program is incredibly popular.

Dads in custody love the chance to do something special for their children, and the children cherish the story books and recordings, often tucking them under a pillow at night or taking them to preschool or school to share with their friends.

What makes Storytime so heartwarming is the connection.

Young children can learn to recognise their missing parent’s voice, making it easier when dad returns home, and older children have a reminder that dad still loves them and can still be a part of their life.

This is what dads have told us about their experience:

“I had the opportunity to connect with my grandchild, which I normally would not have been able to do. The staff were encouraging and were able to facilitate this opportunity to engage with my grandchild. Thank you!”

“All the staff involved are absolutely amazing and the whole process went smoothly. This has bought joy and love to my kids, and I am grateful for this to happen. Keep up the good work.”

“This is great that I get to record a book for my daughter. She absolutely loves chapter books.”

“[The SHINE for Kids team] is very helpful and easy to deal with and makes this experience fun and pleasant.”

“I appreciated this [program] … it is the best. I enjoyed reading bedtime books for my daughter. It is great that I can continue to do this.”

“Thank you SHINE, this is amazing for children.”

“This was a fun experience and has made me feel more connected with my kids.”

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We use new books and try to accommodate families’ requests for stories that are age and culturally appropriate, so we always need more books! 

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What dads in custody say about Storytime

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