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Wellness Day helps kids learn techniques to stay healthy & happy

A group of very calm SHINE kids in Victoria have taken part in our first Wellness Day, learning techniques to help them manage stress and anxiety.

Everyone sometimes feels overwhelmed, especially children, as they are learning to regulate their emotions.

Managing emotions can be especially difficult for children with a mum or dad in custody. They are often experiencing the trauma of being separated from their parent under very stressful conditions, on top of all the regular stresses of growing up.

That’s why our Victorian team decided to take some time out for the children we mentor in school and create a relaxing environment to focus on calming techniques and ways to incorporate ‘wellness’ into their daily lives.

Ten children aged four to 14 participated in the SHINE for Kids Wellness Day.

The day included activities centred around recognising and regulating emotions, developing strategies to calm down when stressed, and promoting the importance of moving our bodies to help us feel better.

The kids especially enjoyed the 5-minute meditation lying still on yoga mats with calming lavender-scented eye masks.

Taking moments in the day to relax and be still and calm is essential for everyone in managing stress. While for kids, usually so full of energy, staying still is difficult, they all managed to focus, relax, and learn some helpful meditation techniques.

The day’s highlight was “seeing the kids all engage with the wellness activities and trying their best to stay present and in the moment,” said SHINE for Kids team member Olivia.

“It was great to see the kids all supporting each other when needed.”

A big thank you to The Sixth Child, who organised catering for the day AND donated wellness gift bags for the children to take home at the end of the day.

The kids said they enjoyed the day, and we hope that they remember one of the techniques learnt today next time they feel overwhelmed at school or at home.

Thank you to The Sixth Child and the Victorian Department of Justice and Community Safety for supporting our programs in Victoria. 

Please help kids get all the support they need to make it through a tough time. Donate today.


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Wellness Day helps kids learn techniques to stay healthy & happy

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