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RISE Together Day – Goulburn

Over the school holidays,  SHINE for Kids teams across the country held special RISE Together Days for children in the program.

The days were an opportunity for kids to meet others going through the same thing they are, try new experiences in a supported environment, and make new friends. Children with a parent in custody often feel isolated so days like this are so important.

Goulburn’s first RISE Together event of the year (due to COVID) began at the Goulburn Regional Art Gallery, where a local artist taught the kids how to create ceramic masterpieces, and ended with a BBQ at an adventure playground!

The kids LOVED the ceramics workshop.

They worked together and with their RISE mentors to make their wonderful creations, it was a sight that truly spoke to the connectivity and joy the program offers.

After the workshop, the creative group had the chance to take a tour of the gallery, a new experience for most of the kids and one they very much enjoyed.

After being fired in a kiln, the kid’s will take home their creations which will be a lovely reminder of the day.

The gallery staff said they were blown away by how amazing the kids are. They spoke of their incredible creativity, their willingness to learn, listen, and collaborate.

Then it was BBQ time!

With supervision, one of the older RISE kids helped prepare food and was very eager to look after the onions! As he cooked, he spoke about how he enjoyed cooking at home with his nan.

The kids took turns to pick music and played together on the equipment while mentors chatted and spoke about how much they enjoy working on the program and how they have seen RISE go from strenghth to strength and are enjoying using the new resources SHINE for Kids is providing.

New families were welcomed to the program before the start of the new school term, and families swapped stories about how RISE has helped them and how SHINE for Kids is keeping family bonds strong.

One grandfather spoke about how his son in custody and granddaughter are able to maintain their important relationship.

The highlight of the day for our team however was the conversations with the kids who spoke about the fun that they have at school with their mentors and how much they love RISE.

One of our kids is undertaking a project with his mentor using LEGO.

Daniel* doesn’t really like maths but does enjoy construction, so his mentor had the idea to incorporate LEGO into their sessions to explore maths that way.

Hearing Daniel’s excitement as he spoke about the project was uplifting.

Other children told us that seeing their mentor was their favourite part of the school week.

It’s clear from the conversations with kids, caseworkers, careres and mentors that the Goulburn RISE program is making a positive impact in the community and connecting kids with their education and each other.

A huge thank you to the fabulous team at the gallery for putting this workshop together and to our local COLES for donating vouchers for our BBQ.

It was a great day for all involved!

RISE in Goulburn is funded by the Department of Social Services.

Donate today to support RISE kids to achieve their best!


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RISE Together Day – Goulburn

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