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Dad is still there: A big year for Robyn and her family

Robyn and her four children have been working with SHINE for several years but this year was a special one as they prepare for dad to return home in February 2022 after being in custody for four years. As a family, they have continued to work through their goals with the Intensive Family Support team and achieved one of their biggest goals set, seeing dad! Using Ride By Your Side, Robyn and the kids made their first in-person visit with dad in years, which luckily happened between lockdowns. This was the first time Jason, the youngest at four years old, had seen his dad in person and the day was incredibly emotional and exciting. Robyn expressed how worthwhile it was that the kids had the opportunity to see dad in person and start to reconnect with him before he comes home, “We had video calls but actually being in person was emotional … just to get that cuddle and kiss. To see dad communicate back to his kids before getting released is very important and the kids know, dad’s still there.”

When SHINE Family Support worker Zoey first met Robyn and her kids she was instantly struck by their warmth and the tightknit family bond they shared. She has worked closely with Robyn to help the family access services they’ve needed this year. After Frank, nine, was identified by his school as requiring speech pathology, Zoey liaised with Robyn, the pathologist and the school to make appointments and access this support. Zoey also arranged for the children to access pediatric appointments through the Aboriginal Medical Service, organized two brand new IKEA beds for the youngest members of the household, who had been sleeping on a pull out couch or with mum, through Many Happy Returns and helped Robyn arrange school scholarships with the Variety Children Charity.

The family has also been assisted with fortnightly food hampers and gift cards arranged by SHINE to buy clothing and necessary household items. Zoey checks in every week to see how they’re going and is always ready to help with whatever challenges come up.

Dad is still there: A big year for Robyn and her family

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