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Easter surprise for kids missing dad

Excited kids received a surprise this year after our South Coast Correctional Centre craft session allowed dads to make gifts and let their kids know they are thinking of them.

“We received our Easter package [from dad] yesterday, and the kids absolutely it! They thought it was the greatest thing!” said one mum.

The dads were so grateful to have the chance to create crafts for their kids, which included a photo of each dad as a special keepsake.

Many kids would have very few if any, recent pictures of their dads, so these will be cherished.

During the session, the dads relaxed, told their best ‘dad jokes,’ and shared funny stories about their kids.

“Everyone was happy and relaxed. It was very respectful. They just kept saying thank you for the opportunity,” our team member said.

“I was so happy I could create this safe, calm environment [for the dads] … they were doing this for their kids, and that was what mattered.”

This is the first craft session that has been run at the South Coast Correctional Centre in years, and it was well received by everyone involved, from centre staff to families.

“The gifts are so beautiful”, said one mum, while a carer said that the gifts from dad were very “well received [by the kids], and we hope the program continues for other important dates throughout the year.”

We are pleased with the lovely feedback from families and dads alike, with the number one response being, “When’s the next one!?”.

While they were so happy to be making these gifts, the dads did say that “nothing compares to the real thing” when their families visit in person.

Sadly, many families are too far away from the centre to make the trip, so any way to keep families connected, like through these craft sessions, is very valued.

“This is why I do all the hard work,” our local team member said, “I’m really grateful that this is my job”.

Special occasions are especially hard for kids missing a parent. While other families join in celebrations together, kids missing their mum or dad can feel isolated.
Every way we can help kids know they are still a family and feel connected is essential.
Thank you to the South Coast Correctional Centre staff and the NSW Department of Communities and Justice for supporting this event. 
Please donate today to help keep families connected.

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Easter surprise for kids missing dad

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