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Aidan*, 12, promised his mum he wouldn’t get into any more fights – and he hasn’t!

Aidan* is a First Nations young person and was referred to SFK Mentoring when he was 12 years old after his dad was incarcerated.

Like many children in the program who have experienced trauma, he can be attracted to extreme versions of masculinity or violence and has been in many physical fights at school, which have led to his suspension and expulsion from different schools.

Over the past few months, however, Aidan has expressed a real effort to change his behaviour, including fulfilling a promise to his mum that he wouldn’t get in physical fights this year.

Since commencing the program with his First Nations mentor, they have worked through ideas around violence and masculinity that were influencing his behaviour and Aidan has demonstrated an incredible transformation in his attitude and hasn’t been in any fights since beginning the program.

His mentor shared that he has even received a school award from the vice principal for good behaviour.

It is the first time he’s ever received an award for anything at school and is an incredible testament to the impact his mentoring sessions have had.

In addition to the financial assistance (food relief, help with school expenses, activities) SHINE for Kids can provide, simply supporting kids and young teens with a trusted and reliable adult who is always in their corner can make a world of difference in young lives.

*Names and images changed to protect program participants

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Aidan*, 12, promised his mum he wouldn’t get into any more fights – and he hasn’t!

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