SHINE for Kids joins Justice Reform Initiative supporter alliance

We are proud to announce SHINE for Kids is now officially a member of the Justice Reform Initiative (JRI) supporter organisations alliance.

Together we will advocate for a better justice system and bring alternatives to incarceration to governments.

SHINE for Kids CEO Julie Hourigan Ruse said this is an opportunity to use the organisation’s 40 years of experience developing programs that, among other goals, reduce recidivism to clearly show the pathways to better outcomes for communities.

“Our justice system is failing families, in particular by not considering and addressing the impact a parent’s incarceration has on a child.

“We must look at incarceration alternatives, especially when children are involved.

“We are proud to be partnered with Justice Reform Initiative to advocate for a better justice system for our country and encourage investment in evidence-based community programs like those SHINE for Kids run.

“As an on-the-ground service provider, we offer the solutions our government needs to break the cycle of intergenerational incarceration, which disproportionately impacts Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families, and build a better society for all.”

The Australian imprisonment rate (per 100,000 adult population) more than tripled, from 66 in 1985 to 223 in 2019.

Justice Reform Initiative and SHINE for Kids believe now is the time to critically examine the evidence which shows that jails are failing us all.

Successful bipartisan reform initiatives internationally show there is another way. In many parts of the United States Democrats and Republicans are learning to work together to support alternatives to incarceration.

Justice Reform Initiative aims to reduce the number of people in jail in Australia by 50% by 2030.

“The Justice Reform Initiative is excited to work in partnership with SHINE for Kids as we move towards reducing our reliance on harmful incarceration,” Justice Reform Initiative Executive Director Dr Mindy Sotiri says.

“SHINE’s work on breaking cycles of intergenerational incarceration, and focusing support on children of people in prison, is a brilliant example of the kinds of services and programs that should be resourced.

“We need to focus on building evidence-based alternatives and services in the community that genuinely provide opportunities for people to build lives outside of the justice system.”

Together we call for policy leadership and investment in evidence-based programs to deliver better results for families, communities and the whole of society.

With the right support, families and young people who have had contact with the justice system can be part of building a better future.

Find out more about the Justice Reform Initiative.

SHINE for Kids joins Justice Reform Initiative supporter alliance

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