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Is your child’s mum or dad in custody?

Or do you care for a child with a parent or both parents in custody?

You have valuable insight into what needs to be done to better support the children in your care.

Take our survey

We are conducting an Australia-wide anonymous survey so that we can better understand the issues your family or the children in your care are facing.

It will play a crucial role in getting a snapshot of what families like yours experience and where there are gaps in support.


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By completing the survey, you can also choose to go into a draw to win a $150 supermarket voucher. To go into the draw you will be asked for your contact details. These are separate from your survey answers which will be anonymous.

The survey will take you about 15 minutes to complete.

Support with the survey

The survey is available in multiple languages including English, Spanish, Cantonese, Mandarin, Vietnamese, Arabic and Samoan.

Please find links to listen to the survey in these languages below.

What will I be asked?

It asks a range of questions about you, the child/ren you are caring for and their parent in prison.

We ask questions which will help us know who is affected by parental imprisonment, like what languages are spoken at home, how old people are, any disabilities they have etc.

We also ask about what you see to be the effects of imprisoning a parent, such as children’s experiences of schooling, and what services or supports you receive, as well as what you think will help.

What happens next?

Findings will be finalised early next year.

SHINE for Kids will assess the findings and present a report to the Government with a number of recommendations.

This Survey is part of a research project developed by Monash University in conjunction with Griffith University and Australian National University and supported by SHINE for Kids.

Read our press release about this Australian-first survey or make a media enquiry.

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Survey also available to listen to in English here:

Take our National Survey for families and carers

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