NAIDOC Week at South Kempsey Public School

27th June, 2024

Our team in Kempsey were thrilled to be invited to participate in this year’s NAIDOC celebrations at South Kempsey Public School!

The SHINE for Kids team and the local school have a great relationship and have worked closely together for some time.

Many of the school’s children see our team weekly at the community after-school program or drop by our Child & Family Centre during weekend visits to the nearby correctional centre.

Our team decided to prepare something extra special this year.

Knowing the children LOVE to make their own wearable art, the SHINE for Kids team set up an activity station in one of the classrooms where they could decorate hats, bags and T-shirts.

As the excited children entered the classroom, a huge selection of paints, drawing gear, and other decorative items greeted them.

Some of the children even said it was ‘the best activity all day!’

When children from several other smaller schools nearby arrived to join the fun, more supplies had to be urgently sourced!

“The kids from the smaller schools, in particular, had a great time. It was really exciting for them to be part of a big event like this,” said Linda from our local team.

Barb Cohen, SHINE for Kids’ Aboriginal Program Manager and a Kempsey local herself, enjoyed sharing the significance of NAIDOC Week with the children and teaching them meaningful symbols in Aboriginal art.

The children soaked up everything she taught them, and many included these symbols in their designs.

The sense of togetherness was palpable, with other services also setting up stations for the children around the school.

Outside in the sun, between activities, children played sports and shared the snacks offered.

Our team said the day’s highlight was watching the children’s dance and song performances as they shared their pride in being part of a wonderful school and community.

“We’ll need to start thinking about another crowd-pleasing activity for next year!” said our team, looking forward to many more fun times with the children.

Thank you to The Benevolent Society, which supports programs in Kempsey. 


NAIDOC Week at South Kempsey Public School

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