New school partnership in Kempsey: From little things, big things grow

What started as a bit of help at the local after-school program has grown to become a new partnership with Kempsey South Public School, where Rise Mentoring is now available to students with a parent in custody. 

For the past year, our team has been supporting the Kempsey Neighbourhood Centre‘s after-school program by providing fresh fruit, crafts and activities for the children. At times, there are over 30 children at the centre, so every hand on deck is appreciated! 

The program has been enormously successful, with children, parents and community groups coming together. The children have even painted a beautiful mural on the building, really loving the chance to make the space their own.

Our team have taken this opportunity to connect with families, many of whom have been affected by the justice system, and link them with programs and services.

It’s also been great connecting with other local organisations who send staff to help supervise the children, with Kinchela Boys Home Aboriginal Corporation a mainstay.

A new partnership

However, the most exciting relationship to come out of the after-school program is that with the local primary school Kempsey South PS!

Our team has worked closely with the school to cater our Rise program to local students, ensuring delivery and goals align with the school’s values and plans to help children achieve their best.  

Rise mentoring supports the well-being of children with a parent in custody during a challenging time in their lives. These children often experience stigma, isolation and difficulties regulating their emotions and focusing at school.

Through regular mentoring sessions and fun group activities, Rise encourages children to remain engaged at school and with peers, build positive relationships with the community and family, and find the confidence they need to thrive. 

Often, however, it’s the friendships children in the program form with each other that bring the most smiles! 

Kicking off what is bound to be a wonderful new partnership, one of the first Kempsey Rise events for the year has been supporting local students to attend a cultural fishing camp held near Stuart’s Point.

The children had a fantastic time and especially loved catching a big haul of crabs!

We’re looking forward to working with children at Kempsey South Public School, and to more big hauls!


Mural painted by children at Kempsey Neighbourhood Centre

kempsey after school care 5

Activities at Kempsey Neighbourhood Centre’s after-school program

kempsey after school care

 Thank you to the National Indigenous Australians Agency (NIAA) and The Benevolent Society for supporting our work in Kempsey, NSW. 

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New school partnership in Kempsey: From little things, big things grow

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