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What our families say about our visits program

We understand how daunting visiting a correctional centre can be, especially for children.

That’s why our team are on hand to support families and make the experience of visiting mum or dad in custody a positive one.

From providing games and activities for children to do with their parent, creating a child-friendly space for children to play while the adults talk, to emotional support, every family’s needs are different and our team are on hand for them.

Here are some of the things families have said about having SHINE for Kids on hand to help with visits and supported visits:

“The children get so excited on visit day because they are going to see you and get a picture to colour for Daddy.”

“When my kids are restless, they can walk over to your little area and calm down.”

“Thank you. SHINE for Kids [for] making my little boy comfortable and safe in this area. It is so good for kids.”

“We always enjoy seeing your smiling face walk into the room.”

“I love seeing my Dad, but the best part I like coming into this little area.”

“Thank you for allowing my kids to play with you in this wonderful area.”

“Thank you so much. I really appreciate everything you are doing for the children and the families.”

“It’s a really good service, and we are glad that someone is actually looking out for us.”

“Thank you so much. We are really struggling at the moment. Especially when we have to travel so far and do not have the money. It is exhausting and we love there is a place to have a cup of tea and relax.”

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What our families say about our visits program

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