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Parenting course helping families: This mum was determined to finish what she started

The lengths mother Janice* went to to complete our Bringing Up Great Kids parenting course shows how useful it is to parents and how much it means to them to hold a certificate and know they’re working towards the best for their children.

Mother Janice was in custody in Townsville when she began the parenting program, and was enjoying learning about children’s brain development, emotional regulation, and behaviour.

Her children had been removed from her care when she was placed into custody, and more than anything in the world, she wants to be the best mum she can be and be there for them again.

Janice was released from custody before completing the program and returned to her home city of Brisbane.

However, she was desperate to finish what she had begun and contacted our team to find out how she could complete Bringing Up Great Kids in the community.

Our team is always overjoyed to hear from parents once they are released and maintain a connection with them.

We quickly arranged for Janice to finish the course (with the help of her Child Safety Officer).

A new process was set up, and before long, Janice was online with our team, watching the relevant videos and reading the content.

It was great to see Janice engaging so much in the course, and our team said that during the final session, Janice proudly told a family member in the room with her, “I’ve completed the program and will get a certificate!”

Janice and her Child Safety Officer were thrilled when they received her completion certificate.

It will support her in her work towards regaining custody of her children and is a testament to her commitment to being an informed and present parent.

Our team looks forward to staying in touch with Janice as she works to reunite her family.

She said, “It was great to have her reach out to me and see how eager she was to finish what she started. I wish Janice all the best.”

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Parenting course helping families: This mum was determined to finish what she started

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