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A very special visit for mums at Broken Hill

“I made gifts for my four children for Christmas because I wouldn’t have gifts for them any other way.” – Mum from Broken Hill Correctional Centre

Just before Christmas our crafting expert Tanya made a special visit to the mums at Broken Hill Correctional Centre to run three days of Storytime and Art & Craft workshops. Tanya said it was just as special for her as the mums and it was a privilege to be so appreciated.

The idea to visit women who don’t usually have access to many programs came from discussions between Tanya and the officers at Macquarie CC where she is based. Once they had the idea, things moved quickly and we’re so happy that these mums were able to give their kids something made with love this year.

“These three days have lifted my spirits, given me something to look forward to. Time went fast and I felt I was good at something and I can give gifts in here, even to myself,” said one mum.

“(These workshops) bring so much to women in here. We feel as though we matter, we are special. It was enjoyable to be productive … days like this are important to inmates … we can show our kids how much we love them by making craft.”

With thanks to the great support from an officer at Broken Hill, the women were taught to use sewing machines, made a Christmas Tree to decorate their pod and had lists of ideas for items they wanted to make for their loved ones. Tanya left with many MANY gifts for kids and family members!

A very special visit for mums at Broken Hill

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