Mums at Parramatta transitional centre graduate parenting program with confidence

Congratulations to the mothers who graduated from our first Bringing Up Great Kids program delivered at the transitional centre in Parramatta!

The three mothers were dedicated to being active participants in the parenting program, attending sessions in the evening after working during the day.

They openly shared with the group facilitator and each other and enjoyed learning about children’s development, emotional regulation and how to foster healthy, positive relationships.

Many complex themes are discussed during sessions, including cycles of intergenerational crime and what they can do now to help their children and break these cycles.

“They were great sessions; everyone was so engaged with the content,” said the SHINE for Kids facilitator.

“Another benefit of running a program like this in the community or as mothers prepare for release is that I can connect them with support services that will be available for them when they move on.”

The staff at the centre ensured the environment was welcoming and a safe space for the mothers to reflect on their lives, and it was great to see the sense of community at the centre.

They were great sessions; everyone was so engaged with the content.

“One of the mothers reflected on how she had parented before she was incarcerated and talked about how she wanted to be more empathetic and let her kids know that she can be a shoulder for them to cry on now if they need it,” said our facilitator.

Another one of the mothers talked about how her parenting style between her eldest and youngest children had changed and that she’s grown a lot as a parent.

“They all feel guilt that they are not with their kids at the moment, but they all do have good family relationships, so that’s important for helping with the transition back into the community,” said our facilitator.

“One mum told me that she’s been in and out, but once she’s out this time, she’s not going back into custody; she’s set on building a better future for her family.”

“I’m so proud of them all; they all want to be more connected and present in their children’s lives.”

These mothers are on the right path, and we wish them every happiness for the future.


Thank you, Corrective Services NSW, for supporting this program. 



Mums at Parramatta transitional centre graduate parenting program with confidence

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