• Veterans Young Offenders Mentoring Program

    Veterans Young Offenders Mentoring Program

    Mentoring helps to achieve goals and improve the connection with family, friends, school and community and increases employment opportunities and a greater feeling of connection and belonging. Funded by the NSW Department of Justice, the program is seeking Veterans and Community Mentors to work with young males and females aged 10 – 21. The program ...

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  • Community Mentoring Program

    Community Mentoring Program

    Mentors are volunteers who enjoy activities or outings with a child or young person on a regular basis, developing a trusting personal bond that creates a safe space for the mentee. The stable adult role model helps them imagine a life beyond the challenges they face.

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  • ‘Stand As One’

    'Stand As One'

    ‘Stand as One’ offers young people in the juvenile justice system a supportive, caring and non-judgmental relationship with a caring adult. The mentoring relationship assists them through their transitional period and to promote attitudinal change within the mentee to reduce the chance of reoffending.

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