SHINE for Kids is proud to present our Supporting Students with a Parent  in Prison – Teacher Training Seminar.

Thursday, 11 July 9.30am – 3.00pm

Wednesday, 17 July 9.30am – 3.00pm

Western Sydney University, Parramatta South Campus


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This NESA-accredited seminar highlights the common challenges faced by young people with a parent in prison. We will also provide a series of tips, informing the measures you can take as a teacher to support your students. Students with a parent in prison are indeed students of promise and with the right support students with a parent in prison can thrive in education and break the cycle.

Some statistics of parental incarceration for all teachers to be aware of:

  • 75,000 students across the country have had a parent in prison. 45,000 are currently experiencing parental incarceration
  • Parental incarceration is independently associated with learning disabilities, attention deficit disorder and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, behavioral or conduct problems, developmental delays, and speech or language problems
  • The Adverse Childhood Experience Study confirms that growing up experiencing an incarcerated household member – especially a parent – prior to age 18 leads to many negative health and behavioural outcomes. Parental incarceration is more than a temporary separation of child and parent, and incarceration affects children differently than other forms of parental loss (eg, divorce or death) because of the associated social stigma and the uncertainty surrounding the length of the separation
  • Children of prisoners are more likely than any other group to face significant disadvantages. A landmark study in the UK showed that 63% of prisoners’ sons went on to offend themselves. A recent study showed that, among this disadvantaged group, teen crime increased by 18.4%, teen pregnancy increased by 8%, and employment at age 20 decreased by 28%

Seminar Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate increased confidence in how to engage and support students and families affected by imprisonment
  • Explore the complex situation that students affected by parental incarceration experience and how it impacts their education
  • Demonstrate an awareness of resources and support available for schools, students and families
  • Demonstrate an understand of the importance of links between prison, community support agencies and schools

We have a number of great educational resources including the Tips for Teachers poster for the staff room, Draft Policy for Schools and an individual tip sheet for teachers. The training will be presented by SHINE staff with over 10 years experience supporting students with a parent in prison and lived experience of parental and family incarceration.

Morning tea and lunch will be provided with a donation to SHINE For Kids’ RISE Education Program.