• Pledge your support today to help kids like Jessica SHINE

    Imagine being a child and having your mum or dad suddenly taken away from you because they have gone to prison. Unable to open a birthday present together or blow out the candles on your birthday cake. That is the reality for 45,000 children just like Jessica in Australia right now. Ordinary children going through ...

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  • Bring stability and support to your child’s life with an adult mentor

    Community Mentoring Program

    Our Community Mentoring Program provides children or young people with a positive relationship with a supportive adult role model, providing consistency and stability in the often disrupted life of a young person without intruding into their family life.

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  • We help your child stay engaged at school

    Education Program

    Our Education Program Worker and experienced volunteers visit your child’s school once a week. In a visit of 45 minutes the child receives one-to-one assistance with home reading, homework and assignments, incomplete class work and areas of their education identified as requiring improvement.

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  • Meet other carers of kids with relatives in prison

    Carers Group

    The SHINE for Kids Carers Group is a support network for carers of children with a parent or relative involved in the criminal justice system. Members of the group will have experiences similar to yours, so they’ll know what you’re going through.

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