‘Stand as One’ is a mentoring program for young people in juvenile justice

Many young people leaving a Juvenile Justice Centre lack a support network and easily end up back inside. At SHINE for Kids we want to see young people staying out of prison and achieve their visions of what their lives can be.

In the ‘Stand as One’ program, the detainee is matched to an adult mentor a few months prior to release. The mentor will get to know the detainee before release so he or she can offer them the support they need to remake their lives back in the community.

The mentors undergo stringent recruitment and intensive training and also bring with them a wide variety of personal qualities and experiences to the relationship, so they can help their mentored detainee (mentee) to meet their personal goals.

The program also involves casework. Our project worker will visit the detainee’s family prior to release to assess their needs and ensure a supported transition for the detainee back into the family home and the community. The project worker also attends all the discharge case conferences and works very closely with the Juvenile Justice officers at the time of release and during parole.