We provide this statement to young people aged 16 to 18 years

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The rights of young people at SHINE for Kids

SHINE for Kids Personnel believe that young people who participate in our activities, events or programs should:

  • Feel comfortable;
  • Be safe;
  • Feel safe;
  • Have a right to contact your parents or others if you feel unsafe, uncomfortable or distressed at any time during an activity, event or program;
  • Activities, events or programs that we provide for you are to be suitable for your age and development, and taken by appropriately qualified staff;
  • Be provided with clear directions and given an opportunity to redirect your behaviour in a positive manner if staff believe that you have broken program rules and/or misbehaved;
  • NOT be subject to disciplinary action involving physical punishment, or any form of treatment that could reasonably be considered degrading, cruel, frightening or humiliating; and
  • Contribute suggestions and feedback on an activity, event or program in which you have participated.

The responsibility of SHINE for Kids Personnel

SHINE for Kids Personnel have a Child Protection Commitment Statement and a Code of Conduct that they must follow.  This aims to make sure that you are protected from harm and that our activities, events and programs are enjoyable and worthwhile for all participants. The Safeguarding Children and Young People Code of Conduct includes the following:

  • SHINE for Kids Personnel do their best to make sure that you are protected from harm;
  • SHINE for Kids Personnel will wear a uniform and/or will have an appropriate name badge when on duty;
  • SHINE for Kids Personnel will supervise program participants effectively;
  • Parent/guardian permission must be given in writing before we can:
    • Take you on an excursion; and/or
    • Provide transport to another location
  • We must make sure that employee-to-young-people ratios are maintained. (Please check with us if you are unsure what is meant by ratios.);
  • SHINE for Kids Personnel will not be alone with a young person where they cannot be observed by other SHINE for Kids Personnel;
  • SHINE for Kids Personnel are not allowed to exceed their position description details unless they have obtained written consent from the SHINE for Kids Program Supervisor and you/your family have been verified and provide consent. This means that they cannot be employed for babysitting or visit you at your home. They are not allowed to friend you on Facebook or text, take photos of you for Instagram or YouTube or SnapChat you. They are not allowed to communicate with you in any way beyond your attendance at your activity, event or program;
  • SHINE for Kids Personnel must use guidance strategies that are fair, respectful and appropriate to your age and background; and
  • SHINE for Kids Personnel are required to report and respond to any incidents of abuse or neglect towards children or young people who participate in our activities, events or programs.

Responsibilities of young people at SHINE for Kids

When you participate in a SHINE for Kids activity, event or program you also have some responsibilities. These include:

  • Letting a staff person or parent know if you are unhappy with the way you are being treated or you don’t feel safe;
  • Treating other participants and adults with respect;
  • Following the rules of the activity, event or program in which you are participating;
  • Remember there are others in the activity, event or program. You are certainly free to choose your own friends. However, don’t stop other young people from enjoying and participating in a program; and
  • Listen to others and respect their opinions.

Contact us

If you have any concerns regarding this statement or wish to discuss anything about safeguarding children, please contact our Child Safety Officer on 02 9714 3000 or email childsafety@shineforkids.org.au