‘Wurin yan wurinwan binga murra warra – To love, to support, to stand one’s ground’

Information for Aboriginal Women

This book was developed to provide information and resources to Aboriginal women who have a family member in prison, drawn directly from life experiences of Aboriginal women in that situation. It gives advice where to seek help, plus general advice on how to cope.

Funded by the New South Wales Office for Women and the Premier’s Department, it was researched and designed by Nikki Read from our Bathurst office.

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You can order the printed book by phoning us on (02) 9714 3000.

‘Putting Your Child First’

Putting Your Child FirstA survival guide for families when a family member goes to prison

It is hard enough for adults to cope with all the changes and emotions they experience when a family member is in prison. We all need to remember that it is often even harder for children and young people. This book is a survival guide for families when a parent first goes to prison.

Children and their carers often feel very alone as they struggle to face a variety of difficulties. This book offers insights to help guide and inform carers of children of prisoners about the different issues children and young people can face on a daily basis, and provides suggestions and ideas to help carers give their families the best opportunity for a positive future.

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You can also order the printed book by phoning us on (02) 9714 3000.