Our Prison Invisits Program uses arts, craft and other activities to make prison visits fun for children

Visiting prisons can often be an upsetting time for kids and their parents.

  • A prison visiting area can be harsh and controlled, which can be frightening for children.
  • It can also be busy and noisy – yet the kids must somehow spend meaningful time with a parent they may have only seen occasionally.
  • Visitors are forbidden from taking in any items like comforting toys, books or activities.
  • Visits can last many hours, which means children get bored as well.

It’s a pity that children learn to associate all these feelings with visiting their parent.

The Prison Invisits Program is designed to make visits less upsetting, more interesting and fun for kids.

In a small area, set aside from everyone else, are a qualified and experienced childcare worker employed by SHINE for Kids, together with trained volunteers. They provide enjoyable and relaxing activities that provide a break not only to the children but also to the parents. While their children are happily occupied, parents and carers an opportunities to relate with each other as adults rather than being focused on the supervision of their children during the visit.