What is NPSS?

Out-of-home care placement support funding may be used to contract non-government organisations or private contractors to deliver services that support a placement, or to purchase or lease resources to support a placement. These are services contracted and delivered via the NPSS program in NSW.

SHINE for Kids provides these NPSS services

  • Supervised Transport
  • Supervised Contact
  • Youth Work Support

Supervised Transport

Staff are trained and experienced to facilitate visits within most Correctional Centres. Typically, SHINE for Kids provide both Supported Transport and Contact however, SHINE for Kids can transport children in cases where contact is not required.

Supervised Contact

SHINE for Kids realises that visits can be emotionally nurturing and help to reduce anxiety and fear. Our trained staff are skilled at negotiating the prison system and are able to ensure children have an enjoyable and positive contact with their parent. SHINE for Kids will provide a supervisor for contact in cases where transport is not required.

Mentoring and Casework for Young People

Community Mentoring offers children a caring and non-judgmental relationship with a trained adult volunteer mentor. Mentors are matched with mentees for a 12-month period and can provide regular support for a young person fortnightly to monthly dependent upon need.

SHINE for Kids can also provide additional casework services to young people with a family member in prison by providing:

  • advice and general support
  • brief solution-focused counselling
  • advocacy
  • early intervention placement prevention
  • referrals to specialised services.

Why use SHINE for Kids for NPSS?

  • SHINE for Kids has supported children & young people with a parent the criminal justice system for over 30 years. Our extensive experience means our staff have a clear understanding of the NSW prison regime and take a proactive approach in supporting the child/young person through their contact with the prison system.
  • Correctional centre staff are familiar with SHINE for Kids and the services we provide. This assists in facilitating a visit that is professional, child-focused and comfortable for the child/young person.

Staff training and employment checks

SHINE for Kids staff have the appropriate Corrective Services NSW Authority to enter a correctional centre. Our staff receive training on:

  • First Aid
  • CSNSW Security Awareness
  • Duty of care/risk management

Staff are aware of mandatory reporting requirements and have undertaken NSW Family and Community Services Identifying & Responding to Risk of Harm training. SHINE for Kids staff have undergone an approved recruitment process that include mandatory checks on the following:

  • Criminal Record Check
  • Working with Children Check

Payment method

  • SHINE for Kids will generate a quote (in line with the NPSS Agreement) and seek approval for the quote before commencing the service.
  • Service costs are as per the NPSS Supply Schedule Service Price List.
  • A tax invoice will then be provided by our Finance Manager after the service has been undertaken.

Client reports

SHINE for Kids will provide NSW Department of Family and Community Services with a report on the contact session relating to the individual child/young person. This report will identify the child/young person’s behaviour during the transport and the interactions between the parent and child/ren during the visit.

Service areas

We have offices in both New South Wales, the ACT and Victoria, and a number of Child and Family Centres in or near correctional facilities in New South Wales.

Contact us for more information

Contact our Transport Co-Ordinator
tel  02 9714 3000
fax  02 9714 3033
email  [email protected]