Using your will and bequests for community benefit

Your will is a legal document in which you nominate who will receive your property and belongings after you die. In the absence of a will, government regulations determine their distribution, which can cause unwarranted expense and anxiety for your friends and relatives. It is important to have an up-to-date will which reflects your wishes according to your current situation.

Your will is also a great way of contributing to your community. SHINE for Kids makes a difference in the lives of thousands of children in need. You can provide vital financial support to the work of SHINE for Kids with a bequest in your will. A bequest is a specific gift of assets or belongings to a particular person or organisation.

There are three main types of bequests:

  1. residual bequest includes anything remaining in your estate after the specific and general bequests have been paid.
  2. specific bequest is a gift of a particular piece of property such as a house, furniture or jewellery.
  3. general bequest is usually a sum of money or a percentage of the value of your estate.

How should I word a bequest to SHINE for Kids?

We suggest that you use the following wording: “I give [amount] to SHINE for Kids for the general purposes thereof.”

Should you wish to direct the gift to a special area we recommend: I give … to SHINE for Kids for the specific purpose of [area or purpose].”

Let us know how we can help

If you are considering a bequest to us and would like to discuss this, please contact the CEO of SHINE for Kids on (02) 9714 3000. If you do decide on a bequest, we would appreciate your letting us know. This will be a great help with forward planning, and will also enable us to thank you personally.

Our first bequest: Cath Gissane

COPSG – the old name for SHINE for Kids – was barely established when Cath Gissane read an article in her local paper which moved her to volunteer.

Over the next 17 years, she took children to visit their parents in jail, served as a member of the management committee and was a formidable advocate.

Using only public transport, she covered the state with her charges. Grafton, Cessnock, Goulburn … nowhere was too far, no child too demanding, no problem too difficult to solve. She could always be relied on to provide support and encouragement to workers, volunteers and clients and was well loved in return.

Cath was not a wealthy woman; she brought up her three children alone on a war widow’s pension. Yet when she passed away in 2001, she left $10,000 to SHINE for Kids – our first bequest.

The Cath Gissane Child Care Centre at the Silverwater Complexhas been named in her honour.