• Dooleys supports ‘Connecting Kids’ series of programs

    17 August 2016
    Kylie Chermouni is presented with a ClubGRANT donation at Dooleys Catholic Club Lidcombe on 17 August 2016.

    Dooley’s Catholic Club through their ClubGRANTS scheme kindly donated $12,625 to our ‘Connecting Kids’ range of programs, supporting children and families in the Auburn LGA to access our services.

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  • Gloria Larman chats with James Valentine

    18 July 2016
    James Valentine, ABC Radio presenter

    A couple of weeks after he hosted A Night with a Few of Our Favourite Artists, James Valentine invited SHINE for Kids CEO Gloria Larman to outline what the organisation does and how parental incarceration so adversely affects the children we support.

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  • A Night with a Few of Our Favourite Artists

    26 June 2016
    A Night with a Few of Our Favourite Artists, 26 June 2016

    Presented by the CorriLee Foundation at The Basement in Sydney, the night was an exciting and fun exploration of the music of some of the rock stars who have been photographed by the legendary Tony Mott. A group of leading Australian artists gave their time, energy and talent to raise awareness of the rights and needs of children who have a parent in prison.

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  • Sunday Telegraph: Mentors offer helping hand to save kids from life of crime

    31 May 2016
    Sunday Telegraph, 8 May 2016

    THERE’S a picture of a smiling, rosy-cheeked baby girl pinned to the wall, while the window has a view of rolls of razor wire, seen through glass that is etched with the “tags” usually seen on vandalised trains … We are standing in the room of “Sam” at the Frank Baxter Juvenile Justice Centre at Kariong, on the Central Coast.

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  • “So he knows who I am”

    13 May 2016
    Child/Parent Activity Day

    It was an April day in the maximum security visits area of Wellington Correctional Centre, but for eleven of the inmates this was no ordinary morning. It was the Child/Parent Activity Day run by SHINE for Kids. These fathers would be seeing their children – but it would be no ordinary visit.

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  • Organisation supports children of prisoners – Western Advocate

    14 December 2015
    Western Advocate 4 December 2015

    From the Western Advocate: An organisation supporting children with a parent in jail is in urgent need of additional volunteers. Bathurst Shine for Kids works with, and for, young children with a parent in jail by supporting them and inspiring them to reach their potential.

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  • Law Society Journal looks at the plight of women in prison

    15 November 2015
    LSJ November 2015

    The number of women in NSW prisons has quadrupled since 1982, growing at twice the rate of men. The result is pressure on an overloaded system, calls for more programs to help women when they are in prison, and the need to develop more diversion programs to keep them out. This is the hidden story of women in prison.

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  • ‘Colourful Dreaming’ on WIN News

    26 October 2015
    'Colourful Dreaming' on WIN News

    Sarah Navin reports on the progress of SHINE for Kids’ ‘Colourful Dreaming’ program, reconnecting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander inmates with their families and communities through traditional arts, thereby reducing the likelihood of reoffending.

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  • What life’s really like in a juvenile detention centre

    20 May 2015
    News.com.au – What life's really like inside a juvenile justice centre

    news.com.au tells the stories of two inmates at Frank Baxter and how the ‘Stand As One’ program is helping them change their lives.

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  • Danielle Cormack appears on The Morning Show

    28 April 2015
    Danielle Cormack on The Morning Show

    One of her many media conversations in which Danielle raises awareness of SHINE for Kids is an April 2015 edition of ‘The Morning Show’ on Seven in a segment appropriately titled ‘Queen of the Small Screen’.

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