I volunteer for SHINE because: I first started volunteering for SHINE for Kids as it was a part of my university requirement, but after my hours were completed I couldn’t find myself to leave the organisation. SFK really does make a difference, it focuses on creating that child-parent bond (which is very important) and most importantly supports children to SHINE!

The most rewarding moment: The whole experience. It’s hard to only pick one moment when every time I volunteer I not only gain deeper knowledge and skills about the justice system, seeing the children smile and enjoying themselves is always a rewarding moment.

The most difficult situation: Not getting too attached to the children, it’s important to show you care and that your there for them but there are specific ethical guidelines that you have to keep in mind.

The most challenging time: Once during the prison visits there was a large group of children and every child wanted to paint at the same time. It was a little challenging equally dividing the paint and making sure every child had a turn. But once an order of flow was organised, everything worked out smoothly.

I like helping others because: It is important to give back to the community. When you know your making a difference, not only is it self-rewarding but you know that your presence can motivate and/or influence a child to change their life in a positive way.