Our Ambassador reveals why she advocates for our work

I became involved with SHINE for Kids after I donated a picture to them to raise some money for the organisation and then I was invited to become Ambassador.

I chose to become Ambassador for SHINE for Kids after working on a TV series about women in prison, called Wentworth. The character I play is a mother with a daughter on the outside and it alerted me to the fact that there were people in that situation, not that were people incarcerated, but there were kids who are invisible victims of their circumstance. So it alerted me to the children’s plight – that they need to have the support and mentorship and people outside that can guide them and be there for them when their parents can’t be.

My understanding is that I’m the first Ambassador for SHINE for Kids, so having a person of some kind of repute – I say that very lightly – standing beside the organisation and just inviting people to engage with the organisation and become aware of the fact that there are kids in this situation, to help raise awareness, and funds, as most of these organisations aren’t run with a whole lot of cash, but a lot of generosity. And to also invite people to become volunteers to help be mentors to these kids as well, to enable them going on visits to their parents, and to be a really great support and guide for these kids.

As a mother with two sons I am well aware of what it means to have support around. I needed it growing up and so it’s a really important thing to me that my kids have that love and support.

Not every child in the world has that by their own circumstance whether it be by family illness or tragedy or by their parents’ choices. Because to be able to have love and support in whatever form it comes, it might not be with your parents, is important to me, I understand that – having been a child myself and also having my own children.

The most important aspect of me being Ambassador is to be a public voice for this organisation, for people to not feel scared about approaching SHINE for Kids and to educate people that there are families in the world that are subject to being torn apart by various circumstances and not to invite people not to be judgmental and marginalise these kids because of their situation, and to be understanding and supportive.