EIPP supports families through assessment, case management, the provision of information and linkages to other specialist community services or programs and by offering parenting support, information, advice and training.

Through EIPP, families receive critical early assistance and carefully targeted support to avoid the escalation of issues impacting the family. Our Intake and Assessment Worker and Case Worker liaise to ensure that families receive the services they require. Services are offered as part of home visiting and support, advocacy or counselling or through connecting people through parenting groups and workshops. While part of a network of NSW providers, our EIPP is unique in its focus on supporting those with family members in custody.

We support families dealing with issues ranging from financial distress, mental health issues, developmental issues impacting children within the family, family isolation, potential homelessness and parenting difficulties. For some families, contact with the criminal justice system is ongoing but for others, the multitude of issues facing them in everyday life had been escalated by a partner or family member’s recent entry into prison.

EIPP is funded by Family & Community Services.

Case study: Working together for a great outcome

Davina*, whose partner had been in custody for many years, was caring for 3 children under 9. Our Child and Family Worker referred her to the EIPP program after it was clear that the family issues were becoming very demanding. Davina was clearly not coping, she and the children were showing signs of significant hygiene issues, the children’s behaviour was deteriorating and there were particularly challenging outbursts of aggressive behaviour from the youngest child. Davina was also unable to manage a healthy diet for the family, was battling to maintain her home and was fielding complaints from the children’s school on a regular basis.

Through a combination of parenting support and advice, linkages to other early intervention services and regular liaison with Department of Family and Community Services and correctional centre casework teams, we provided Davina with the resources and support she needed to work through this very difficult time. Critically, the family remained together and avoided the need for placement for the children – a very positive outcome.

*Name has been changed.

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