I volunteer for SHINE because: Firstly my father was in prison when I was a teenager. There was no SHINE back then so he was out of my life for six months. I can use my experiences to help the kids I transport. Secondly, SHINE is not a beauracrat-laden organisation and they cut to the chase allowing my volunteering to be maximised.

Every moment I can bring children and parent together is rewarding. I have become passionate about my job.

The most difficult moment: Once I was leaving Silverwater women’s prison after a visit. A beautiful little girl about 12 was extremely distraught at having to say goodbye to her mother. It brought back my time as a teenager.

The most challenging time: When I heard of the death in custody of a Mum whose 7-year-old son I transported to see last Christmas.

I like helping others because: I think most people like helping others but don’t go looking for the opportunity or find it too confronting. We all have a will but making that will become action is a different matter.

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